Jamie Darling

Jamie completed his Masters and PhD in Engineering (St John's) 2002-2009 and was OUCCC Club Captain in 2007/2008. He has been running since joining OUCCC as a novice in his second year, since Oxford with Blackheath & Bromley and then Thames Hare & Hounds.

Bethan Hopewell

Bethan is an intellectual property lawyer in London and tutors on the Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law at Oxford University. She attended Oxford between 1999-2002, completing a D. Phil in Physiology. She raced Blues Varsity on the winning Oxford team in 1999, 2000 and 2001. She was club captain of OUCCC in 2000.

Emma Huepfl

Emma Huepfl, (OUCCC Blue 1991) works in the real estate finance industry, with broad experience leading businesses and working as a NED and Chair within her sector. She helped Jesus College with its successful 450th  anniversary development campaign, and is still a keen runner for Abingdon AC.

Simon Molden

Simon is a director and shareholder of The Sports Consultancy. He was secretary of OUCCC in 1996-97 and ran for the Snails in 1995, Tortoises in 1996 and Blues in 1997. He is also Secretary and a Trustee of Thames Hare and Hounds and, in this role, has been race director for the University Race since 2008.

Colin Phillips

Colin is Professor of Linguistics at Oxford University, recently returning to Oxford after 33 years based in the US. As a student in Oxford he created the Teddy Hall Relays in roughly the form that continues to today. In the US he played a key role in the spread of Parkrun events across the country.

Ex officio trustees

Chris Martin

Chris is a Professor of Engineering at Mansfield College and is the current OUCCC Senior Member.

Anika Schwarze-Chintapatla

Anika is a third year Medicine student and the current Club Captain of OUCCC.

Jared Martin

Jared is completing an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies and was OUCCC Club Captain for 2023-24. He raced in Blues Varsity in 2022 and 2023, most recently placing 8th.

Thomas Renshaw

Currently completing a DPhil in Earth Sciences, Thomas was OUCCC Club Captain in 2022-23 and has raced Blues Varsity on three occasions, scoring for Oxford in each.