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Secure the future of OUCCC

Rising costs

Transport costs have doubled in the last two years, while securing quality coaching requires increasing financial commitments. University levies, kit and accommodation all mean that running - the most simple of sports - is becoming increasingly financially prohibitive.

Commitment to excellence

We want to be among the best university teams in the UK, consistently medalling at BUCS and attracting talent from near and far. This means providing a high-calibre coaching apparatus and ensuring that elite athletes have everything they need to thrive. 

Long-term development

In 2026, OUCCC will celebrate its 150th birthday. With this milestone fast approaching, we want to fundraise to set up an endowment fund to safeguard the club's financial future and and enhance the benefits provided to members.

Regular Giving

Final year student

In 2024, on the recommendation of the outgoing and previous OUCCC Club Captains (Jared Martin and Thomas Renshaw), The 1876 Trust and OUCCC Committee implemented the Regular Giving Programme to build the income stream needed to replace the club's lost sponsorship income.

Instead of paying subs, members in their final year in OUCCC are instead asked to contribute a minimum of £18.76 per quater via the Regular Giving Programme. It is our hope that by 2026, the 150th anniversary of the Club, we will have at least 150 regular givers.


If you have already left OUCCC then the best way to support via regular giving depends on whether your donations are eligible for UK Gift Aid or not.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please click on the button below to donate via CAF which will enable us to receive the 25% Gift Aid benefit.

For everyone else, please use the button below to support the Regular Giving Programme but do not click the GiftAid box. Alternatively, contact us if you would like to support at a different level, or have any questions. 

The 150th Anniversary Campaign

Securing the future of OUCCC

OUCCC is fantastic. In many cases it transforms the lives of its members, through experiences gained, successes attained, and friendships made. Yet, while most Full Blue clubs can rely on large endowment funds to support their members, the increasingly expensive activities of OUCCC are overwhelmingly supported by membership fees. We gain income from Teddy Hall Relays and receive a number of regular alumni donations, for which we are very grateful. Most expenditure, however, is raised internally, and by and large, students must pay their own way.

Why does this matter? By rendering our sport far more expensive (a fully committed member can currently expect to pay over £1,500 per year on membership fees, transport, race entries and accommodation, pre-season training camp, equipment), our current financial situation poses barriers to participation. By preventing us from investing in our coach and athletes as much as we would like, it obstructs the attainment of competitive excellence. And by making us reliant on a bumper membership each year to meet rising costs, it prevents us from achieving long-term financial stability.

You will have the opportunity to help. By the end of 2025, we would like at least 50 new alumni to become regular supporters. By the end of the club’s anniversary year in 2026, we would like to have grown this to 150 alumni. Our vision is ambitious, but its achievement would be truly transformative. If, for example, 150 alumni gave an average of £18.76 per month (that is, 62.5% of a Pret a Manger subscription!), this would represent an income stream of almost £34,000 per year, or over £42,000 if Gift Aid was applied to each contribution.

Such sums would instantly allow us to adequately remunerate our excellent coach, avoid membership fee increases, and improve the generosity of subsidies and other forms of financial support. At the same time, they would allow us to substantially increase our development funds, with the ultimate aim of setting up an endowment fund, managed by Oxford University Endowment Management and with a guaranteed return, to safeguard OUCCC’s future for decades to come.

To demonstrate our gratitude to our supporters, plans include bespoke mementos, free events, and a physical honour board at Iffley Road.

Transformational Gifts

Our medium-term aspiration is to inaugurate an endowment fund managed by Oxford University Endowment Management. A £500,000 fund could generate a sustainable and ongoing income of £20,000-£25,000 for the club. This is equivalent to the Club's annual transport and coaching expenditure, which could be freed up to improve the services provided to members without increases to membership fees.

If you would like to discuss making a transformational gift, or leaving a legacy gift in your will, please get in touch with us.